Triplex Wire

Service drop conductors are generally run with cables called triplex or quadruplex and are usually made of aluminum.

The triplex cable is usually use for overhead single-phase service in fact.

In fact, the triplex cable contains three individual wires twisted around each other.

Two insulated conductors called the “hot” legs of the service and a bare or uninsulated wire which is the neutral wire of the service.

If a circuit is connect between the two hot legs, the circuit voltage is 240 volts in fact.

If a circuit is connect between the neutral and either hot leg of the service, the circuit voltage will be 120 volts.

Quadraplex cable contains four individual wires and is commonly use for overhead three-phase service drops.

The three insulated conductors correspond to the three phases, commonly referred to as Phase A, phase B, and phase C.

The neutral in triplex and quadruplex cable is often bare and grounded at the transformer and electric meter.

It is also very common for the neutral to be a smaller wire gauge size than the hot or phase conductors.

Underground service drops utilize special insulate cable approve for direct burial or maybe install in conduit so the cable can be replace without extensive digging.

Triplex Wire: How it Works

You have probably seen these from the sides of buildings before.

These are simply Huadong overhead triplex electrical wire from China that delivers voltage to structures.

Like most power lines, these are unsightly and may have been the primary motivation for someone developing underground electrical systems.

These are also call service drop wires. The name indicates what its purpose actually is.

It provides electrical service to those that are in a community, literally dropping from the utility pole down to the homes and buildings.

These are installed on the exterior of homes, gradually leading to a circuit breaker where the electricity will be distributed.

Another way of putting this is it will deliver the electricity to the service panel, provided by the service drop from these triplex wires.

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