Android Eclair is the codename given to version 2.0 and 2.1 of the Android platform.

The SDK for Android Eclair was released on October 26, 2009.

Among the improvements with this release were new features in accounts management, contacts, and Sync.

Android Eclair | Improvements

Versions of the Android OS are codename after desserts.

For example, 1.5 was Cupcake and 1.6 was Donut. Google chose Eclair as the codename for version 2.0 and 2.1. 

Android Eclair brought improvements in:

  • Contacts and accounts
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Camera features
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • Platform supporting technologies for all-new graphics architecture and Bluetooth 2.1
  • Search capability for saved SMS and MMS messages
  • Built-in flash support for the camera
  • HTML 5 support in the browser
  • Improved layout in the virtual keyboard
  • Events feature indicating the attending status of each invitee in the calendar


As a matter of fact, the defaults home screen of Eclair displays a persistent Google Search bar across the top of the screen.

The camera app was also redesigned with numerous new camera features,

including flash support, digital zoom, scene mode, white balance, color effect, and also macro focus.

As a matter of fact, the photo gallery app also contains basic photo editing tools.

This version also included the addition of live wallpapers, allowing the animation of home-screen background images to show movement.

Speech-to-text was first introduced, replacing the comma key.


Android Eclair inherits platform additions from the Donut release, ability to search all saved SMS and MMS messages, improved Google Maps 3.1.2, and

Also, exchange support for the Email app. 

The operating system also provides improved typing speed on virtual keyboard, along with new accessibility, calendar, and virtual private

network APIs.

For internet browsing, Android Eclair also adds support for HTML5, refreshed browser UI with bookmark thumbnails and double-tap zoom.

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