Variable Mod, A variable mod also called variable voltage/variable wattage mod (VV/VW), is basically an e-cig with a brain.

Most people know these mods like SMOK Alien and IPV400 just to name a few.

You can think of these mods as mods that allow you to have full control over what they can do.

The most significant feature of a variable voltage mod is that you can fine-tune the electrical power produced by the mod, which is important for two reasons.

First, as you alter the power, you’re changing the intensity and quality of the vapor your e-cig produces,

this lets you modify the vapor to your likings. Second, each atomizer has optimal power requirements,

so you can easily find the sweet spot where your mod and atomizer work in synchronization to create the perfect vape.

There are other awesome features usually found in variable voltage mods as well.

The most common is a small LCD or OLED screen which displays things like voltage and wattage levels,

battery charge level, even the number of puffs you’ve taken along with a few key safety features.

Some advanced models can also determine the best settings for your atomizer and adjust automatically.

Variable Mod: Information

VW Mode (Variable Wattage)

Variable wattage mode is also referred to as watt mode or power mode and allows you to choose the output power of your mod in watts.

This is the standard model for most kits, and it lets you tweak your wattage level gradually to find your perfect vape.

Certain coil wire types can only be use in VW mode, such as Kanthal,

though you can also use certain stainless steel and nichrome coils.

VW mode is popular because it gives you the ability to fine-tune your vaping experience;

different coils, kits, and e-liquids will work best at different wattages, so VW mode can help you find that sweet spot.

TC Mode (Temperature Control)

Temperature control mode works slightly differently to wattage mode: rather than setting the output power of your mod,

you set your desired temperature and the power is automatically adjust by the mod itself to keep the temperature consistent.

This consistency of temperature leads to a more consistent vape overall,

and if you set your temperature below the burning point of the wicking material used in your coils,

TC mode should completely eliminate the possibility of dry hits.

Whether you prefer a cooler vape or a slightly warmer one, TC mode helps you keep the same quality of puff every time you inhale.

Certain wire types can only be use in temp control modes, such as nickel and titanium, though some stainless steel coils can be used too.

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